Friday, April 1, 2011

eat. pray . bolus.

Today is the day.  It wasn't easy, but I think I found the bridge from ye olde blog, my pump gear, to our new home here at eat. pray. bolus.  It's been slow-going.  And at times, I enjoyed the break from blogging.  But, for a while now, I've been itching to get back into it.  It took a while to figure out exactly how to format the new site.  And, honestly, I don't have all the puzzle pieces in place.  But I figured, I better just dive in!

First decision?...a name.  Although I will continue to write mainly about how diabetes affects our lives, I wanted to encompass more than that.  Or at the least, allow myself to write and share about more than that. We all know that there is definitely more to life than the big D.  So I thought.  As I browsed through old posts, I came upon our walk team last November.  We had such positive response to our walk t-shirts!  That's it!  eat. pray. bolus.


Food?...I love it!...check!


So much of my experiences are touched by faith...check!


Diabetes gets woven into nearly all aspects of our family's life...check!

If you are part of the few, the proud, who followed  my pump gear, you must have clicked, and now you're here...I hope you'll stick around.  Although I am going to expand the content, most...if not all posts will touch on our lives with type 1 diabetes.  How can it not?


  1. Love the blog name! Wish I had come up with it... ;)
    (T1 since 1988!)

  2. Love the new blog Nan! Of course Ill be here, and cant wait to read more posts!


  3. welcome Lauren! thx Alexis! Lo, all i can say is: winning!

  4. Love the "design" and the title!

  5. So cute! I LOVE the name, it's just perfect!

  6. thx ladies!...glad you're here :)