Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stupid Diabetes. . .

Day 4 of D-Blog Week 2011

Today's topic:  10 Things You hate About Diabetes (only 10, Karen?)

Just when you think Let's have dessert, your t1 checks in at 356.  Stupid diabetes.

A shiver runs down your spine when the little girl down the street tells you "I wish C didn't have diabetes, then I could share my candy with her."  Stupid diabetes.

A spontaneous invitation for your t1 kid to go out to dinner with a friend makes you think twice.  Stupid diabetes.

A slowly-leaking insulin vial in the butter compartment starts making your entire refrigerator smell like Band-Aids.  Stupid diabetes.

Diabetes needs the dunce cap.
When you're set for a day at the baseball fields and have a coveted parking space, you realize no one grabbed the diabetes bag at home.  Stupid diabetes.

Just when your daughter is up to bat, she turns to you and says, "Mom, I feel low."  Stupid diabetes.

She wants a small bunch of grapes, like the other kids, but her number is 268.  Stupid diabetes.

You freak out when one of your non D kids drinks the last of the Crystal Light.  Stupid diabetes.

You find out from another mom that the reason your t1 daughter wasn't invited to her daughter's party is that she thought "cake and ice cream would just be too tempting for a diabetic."  Stupid diabetes?

Right after a painful site change, your 8 year old daughter looks up at you with tear-filled eyes and says, "I don't want to have diabetes when I grow up."  Stupid diabetes.

[big sigh, painful lump in throat and broken heart]

Stupid diabetes.


  1. Wow. D-parents amaze me. You rock.

  2. Ugh - that last one is heart-breaking. And yes, in number nine it's not really diabetes that is stupid. Good grief. And the at bat - hot dang you diabetes!!