Friday, May 13, 2011

Awesome Things?

Day 5 of D-Blog Week 2011

Today's topic:  Awesome Things Diabetes Has Brought to Our Lives.  Because, like Karen's blog says:  Life with diabetes isn't all bad!
Okay I go.  I'm going make a concerted effort here...

[enter cricket sound]

Well I don't know about this.  Yesterday's post was so easy.  Things I hate about diabetes?  The thoughts and experiences flowed effortlessly through the keyboard onto the screen. But, since I am a rule-follower, I'm going to really try to come up with some awesome things.

It feels pretty good when your 4 year old comes up to you and tells you exactly how many grams of carbs are in a serving of fish crackers.

Diabetes has allowed us to meet people we wouldn't have, otherwise.

It's given me a purposeful outlet for writing.

It's taught my daughter, at a very young age, the most basic of life lessons:  the world is not fair.

Diabetes swiftly and silently weeds out fly-by-night friends from truly deep relationships with people who care to get involved with the nitty/gritty of this disease.

It provides real and tangible opportunities for C to look beyond her own needs and head up a walk team to raise money for awareness and research for all who are affected by diabetes.

I'm always the mom who gets to go on the field trips!

We are never without snacks.

Diabetes is the reason that an 8 year old got her very own phone.

The most obvious awesome thing is the DOC (diabetes online community).  We have friends all over the globe because of diabetes!  I truly feel that these people (almost all of whom we have never seen face to face) have my back.  Day or night, the support is there.  It has been a wonderful, indescribable awesome thing!!!


  1. You could have just ended at the crickets. :)

    I think I like the "not fair" lesson the best. Sadly, this is too true.

  2. Yep, you got it. Or rather, them. My 5yo daughter is getting the "it's not fair" lesson from me, her type 1 mama, as she's already learned the basics about "that apple juice isn't for everyone, it's only for mama" and "can't do (whatever) just this second, let's wait 15 mins. for this low to come up," etc. But it IS okay. They're amazing kids, and you're an amazing mom/second pancreas. ;) Thanks for sharing this.

  3. The relationships are great but I wish life WAS fair or at least that kids still believed that!


  4. This list is great...Just found your blog and really like it.. Can't wait to read more!